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Djstelio Adelaide

Stevie Hatz

Business Owner, DJ & MC



Co Owner -Admin & Photobooth Host

Bringing people happiness and making memories through music at celebrations is my passion.


Clients tell me they love my professionalism and my outgoing, positive, fun personality that creates a contagious energy for their guests! My goal with every event is to deliver on the client’s vision and truly bring the party!

Being a single-person business, I have less overheads and can offer great pricing to clients. I can also give a truly customized, bespoke service because I don’t have to manage consistency for a team of DJ’s with pre-set playlists or templates. I’m able to go above and beyond to over-deliver on client expectations. I want all my clients to say that I bring very high value for the price.

It's important to me that clients and I are covered from any issues that may arise while I'm performing my services. My business is fully insured through AON.

I'm an inclusive person and celebrate diversity. I happily work with all types of clients, regardless of race, religion, sexual or gender identity. In fact, I love that music transcends and appeals to everyone as human beings.


I’m a music lover across almost every genre, and I have lots of fun discovering music. I use Late night record pool, DJ Pool, Heavy Hits, BPM Supreme, Radio, Spotify, Direct Music Service, blogs, and my DJ friends to stay plugged into the latest music. My passion is mixing, I love to mix live on my decks no matter what type of music I am playing. 

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Giorgo Mountzouris

Percussionist, Drummer & Toubeleki

My name is Giorgo. I have roots in Greece and Cyprus and have grown up in and around music my whole life. I have developed a special interest in Greek, Turkish and Arabic music and play drums, toubeleki and percussion. There’s nothing I love more than performing live music and getting everyone up dancing and enjoying themselves! 

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Theo skaltsas

Musician, Clarinet Soloist, Entertainer 

Theodore Skaltsas’ love affair with the clarinet, one of the most iconic instruments of Greece, started at a very young age and developed despite the fact that he was born Down Under. Now aged 36, the musician is adamant that he cannot go anywhere without it.

“My clarinet is my life. I love its unique sound and the fact that every single note, every melody and every song I play is another step closer to Hellenism, the traditions of our homeland and my fellow Greeks,” says Theodore who has since made it his mission to visit Greece at least once a year during the summer months to draw inspiration and perform at the most random places one can possibly imagine.