All Bookings made from 1st January 2022 will have a $100.00 increase in fees.

All bookings made this year for 2022 onwards will NOT be subject to a fee increase.

  - Djstelio



Our lighting packages are perfect for making sure you have a complete set of lights and equipment for specific lighting goals.

Automated moving head lighting packages . Wash effects and lighting bar accessories make great peripherals for providing additional features to your dance floor

Additionally our façade designs are modern and sleek. Glow sticks work their magic on the dance floor.

All lighting provided can be changed to any color of the rainbow, this sets an amazing mood in the venue.


ADJ Club Style Facade


4 sparkle machines


Lit up ADJ Modern Facade, rotating lights and totems















  • Professional DJ-MC service.        

  • Equipment, speakers, cables, 1 x Hard wired Microphone.

  • Cordless Microphone for speeches.

  • Set up & Break Down 2 hours.

  • Travel + Fees (Within the City of Adelaide).

  • 6 Hours of Service.

  • 20 Hours Pre-Audio Mastering, Re master intro's. Put playlists together.

  • Choice of 2 ADJ Facades, modern, sleek design, depending on available space on which Façade to be used.

  • Public Liability Insurance.

  • Emails, Text messages, Face to Face meetings

  • Coordinate with photographers, caterers and other service peronel.

  • 2 x Effect Lights above speakers (Chauvet wash fx 2's)

  • State of the art Sound equipment.

  • Colour coordinated Lighting, Ipad controlled.

Take advantage of my special currently advertised on my socials.

You can add any ONE of the below extra services FREE!! Valid till 30th JUNE


  • Cocktail setup, music &  performance- $200.00

  • Haze Machine - $100.00

  •  Dancing on Clouds-dry ice- $350.00

  • Venue Up-lighting - 6 battery powered up lights- $100.00 

  • Ceremony setup, music & performance- $200.00

  • 4 x Cold Spark  Fireworks, special effects, cold spark machines- $450.00

  • 2 x Intimidator Spot 375Z IRC is an exceptionally bright,  dual rotating prisms, split beams for great effects and to cover a larger area at almost any distance and the built-in Totem mode keeps the beams exactly where you want them controlled in DMX - $100.00

  • 2 x Totem truss pillars all dressed in white scrim with up lights. $100.00

  • 100 x glow sticks to get the guests in total party mode. $120.00

  • Daburka/Touberleki Musician (All Night) - $250.00

  • 1 x Yamaha Mixing desk (Must have if the Dj is required to connect a musician) $200.00




Glow Sticks, the perfect party maker at any wedding

Dancing on the clouds 

Non Weddings From $750.00

Weddings From $1100.00

Below is a list of inclusions for the above Fees