passion, energy, party, music, good friends & lot's of dancing.

Most Experienced Greek Dj In Adelaide
Dj Stelio has one goal, "to be the best Greek performing Dj in Adelaide"
From the very young age of 3 I would put records on for my grandfather, I guess this was my start to something very special in my life.
I have been involved with many artists from overseas and this has helped to understand what it takes to create the perfect atmosphere at any function, playing in Santorini, Athens Greece and across Australia has helped me to be the best I can.


"I have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to play at packed clubs and private functions for a very long time.  This has helped me develop my skill in knowing what songs to play that will give every party it's peek dance time, I get to see this all the time, and I Love It, I am very persistent in keeping the tempo of the night on a high level, I know at some point everyone will want to get up and dance, they don't have a choice"

"Being part of a function is special and creating that perfect dance atmosphere is just as important, I know and Understand that a friendly attitude and great music is the key to a perfect show"


I wish to be part of as many functions as I possibly can, nothing to me will ever compare to the feeling I get when I see people having a great time, even though Greek music is my passion, I have developed the skill in playing many other nationalities, but more so he loves RNB and Dance music, especially with a European influence.