My name is Dj Stelio.


Bringing people happiness and making memories through music at celebrations is my passion. It's in my name: putting smiles in your special day. Here's a little more about me and my DJ services business. Please engage with me on my socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.



Clients tell me they love my professionalism and my outgoing, positive, fun personality that creates a contagious energy for their guests! My goal with every event is to deliver on the client’s vision and truly bring the party!


Being a single-person business, I have less overheads and can offer great pricing to clients. I can also give a truly customized, bespoke service because I don’t have to manage consistency for a team of DJ’s with pre-set playlists or templates. I’m able to go above and beyond to over-deliver on client expectations. I want all my clients to say that I bring very high value for the price.


It's important to me that clients and I are covered from any issues that may arise while I'm performing my services. My business is fully insured through AON.


I'm an inclusive person and celebrate diversity. I happily work with all types of clients, regardless of race, religion, sexual or gender identity. In fact, I love that music transcends and appeals to everyone as human beings.




I’m a music lover across almost every genre, and I have lots of fun discovering music. I use Late night record pool, Dj Pool, Heavy Hits, BPM Supreme, Radio, Spotify, Direct Music Service, blogs, and my DJ friends to stay plugged into the latest music.


Each year, I’ll attend clubs and overseas festivals, or just a local band or DJ to see new and familiar acts. I’m an audiophile:  committed to excellent sound quality. This is why I purchase only the highest quality music files and invest in best-in-class, professional grade audio equipment from vendors such as Pioneer and JBL. My music library is extensive spanning all decades and genres, and I'm constantly adding to it.  I love when a client asks me to play a song or genre I'm not familiar with because I get to explore and learn. 


My love of music started very early with my grandfather. We'd listen to records. Growing up, I started collecting music that I'd get exposed to from my dad, family, and friends. I played an instrument, the guitar and even made music. I would make mix CD's for friends and family all the time. I became the Dj that everyone asked for a playlist when they'd have a party. I played music for a mate who was leaving overseas  and I got hooked, DJ Stelio was born!


I knew that this was my calling after just a few events. Later, after a couple hundred events at nightclubs, house parties,  I'm even more excited to DJ for people's celebrations!


If you'd like to listen to music mixes I've made, I post from time to time on my Soundcloud site.


I have been involved with many artists from overseas and this has helped to understand what it takes to create the perfect atmosphere at any function, playing in Santorini, Athens Greece and across Australia has helped me to be the best I can.

"Being part of a function is special and creating that perfect dance atmosphere is just as important, I know and Understand that a friendly attitude and great music is the key to a perfect show"